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CartONG - Internal Communication and Collaboration Tools
Dear CartONG Staff
After some weeks working on our internal communication and coordination tools, we would be delighted to get your opinion on some tools and processes. 
Definition: Internal Tool: Is considered as an internal tool a software or service used by all the team (more or less), and not depending of a project. Survey will therefore be about Notes, Emails, Storage, Collaboarative tool ...
> A few things before starting the survey : 
- The questions are divided by type of tools or by tools functions. 
- You can pause and save your answers at any point of the survey, and keep on answering later on.  
The survey is not made to be anonymous as we would like to better understand working habits and organisations depending on your experience and position. Your name is not mandatory, it might help us to come back to you on a specific question. Name and personal information will not be shared, only aggregated information will be shared.
Your very valuable answers will greatly help us to design a first plan of action for 2021.
Kind regards,
the ICCT Working Group